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The Macabre / Re: THE PURGE OCTOBER 2021
« Last post by Mysteriously Maple on October 19, 2021, 12:09:12 AM »
The Macabre / Re: THE PURGE OCTOBER 2021
« Last post by Kold on October 18, 2021, 11:50:09 PM »
Character Name: Kold
Total Points (list what was done, please!):
Torturing an NPC - 1 point
Making an open thread for the Purge: 2 points
Making a Halloween-themed Thread - 2 points
Total = 5 points
Thread Link(s):
Torturing an npc/Purge thread
Halloween Thread
The Macabre / OPEN Shattered Lives on Display // Pet Snake
« Last post by Kold on October 18, 2021, 11:43:56 PM »
Her most recent escapade with a prisoner was a success in her eyes, and the disabled fox was now being held in the cells of the colusseum, to be 'used' on halloween, her birthday. Of course, she allowed minimal aid for them, food and water. As the midday sun bore down on her back, she walked her usual route, which was in no particular direction. Just your average stroll through the sand-ridden wasteland the group called home.

She could sense it, really. The fact that her birthday was coming up, yes, but also something else. She couldn't put it into words, this feeling, but she neither liked it or disliked it. It was something she felt click in her as she maimed the fox, something she considered primal, feral. Her thoughts were broken, however, by a gentle motion she felt against her wounded paw. Something scaled had just slithered by her paw and, in fact, slithered over it, not caring that a predator was there. Or maybe it did know she was there. "Mh?" She sighed, feeling pain against her lower lip, part of the wound opening.

She glanced down to see a rather cute snake, a bit short and stubby with a turned up, pig-like nose. It had brown scales and darker brown markings on them, making it somewhat blend in with the sand. It looked up at her with it's silly, yet endearing face and flicked it's tongue. "Hello, little one." She chimed, sitting down and lightly poking the snake with her paw, watching as it recoiled, but seemed to taste her paw with it's tongue. Huh.
Kold Darcia - Patrician of The Macabre - 9 months
(c) tikki
Biographies / Re: KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE PELICANS - Character Bio and Storage
« Last post by Kold on October 18, 2021, 11:04:53 PM »
Kold Darcia - Patrician of The Macabre - 9 months
(c) tikki
The Macabre / Re: THE PURGE OCTOBER 2021
« Last post by CAESAR CIPHER. on October 18, 2021, 10:40:00 PM »
Character Name: Caesar
Total Points (list what was done, please!):
Replying to an open thread - 1 point
Writing a Oneshot - 5 points
Halloween-Themed - 2 points
Total Points = 8
Thread Link(s):
Replying to an open thread
Oneshot + Halloween themed post (bat)
The Macabre / OPEN HE WILL TEAR YOUR CITY DOWN // pet bat
« Last post by CAESAR CIPHER. on October 18, 2021, 10:37:12 PM »
TRIGGER WARNING - THIS POST CONTAINS MENTIONS OF GORE (3rd paragraph), STARVATION (3rd paragraph), AND BLOOD (3rd paragraph onwards)
(TL;DR at the end!)

Nighttime was a time where Caesar, ironically, was his true self. During the day, the savannah often put on a façade; pretending he was this all mighty creature, one that demanded respect and compliance. And while these were things Caesar actually believed in, they were not something he naturally would do. Everything about his command over The Macabre was a façade. Unfortunately, this façade was created after he destroyed his home Dimension... No, before that, even.

This feeling of guilt, of regret, began when he killed his brother's fiancé - after he got his entirely family exiled to the outer reaches of Dimension FiveX. Caesar remembered the anger he felt upon learning that Vigenere was secretly meeting Athena and that she had even convinced her father to allow the Cipher family back into the Seventh Tier. Except for him. And yet, Vigenere had told everyone except for Caesar directly; the demon had to learn it by spying on them himself. But that's not what angered him, no - it was the fact that he wasn't able to return to a normal life. Caesar was tired of constantly fighting for his food, starving when he wasn't able to fight off his fellow Outcasts. Why would anyone want to leave their family member here? So the night that Vigenere purposed to Athena, anger clouded Caesar's vision and he leapt from his hiding spot, sinking his teeth into the Princess's throat.

Caesar remembered how she tensed under his grip, her blood flowing into his mouth as he increased the pressure. Vigenere tried pulling him off of Athena, but stopped when he released how tight Caesar's grip was on her. Vigenere yelled at his brother, but Caesar couldn't remember what he was saying but he did remember getting frustrated at hearing Vigenere's voice and threw back his head, tearing open Athena's throat in the process. Blood came gushing from the wound, splattering over Caesar and Vigenere's chests, with Caesar feeling great at how warm it felt against him. Athena lost her life quickly and hardly put up a fight, but Caesar had no time to celebrate that Vigenere lashed out at him. Caesar's own dark-colored blood quickly trickled from the deep wound Vigenere caused on his face, with the bigger savannah tackling him and pinning him to the ground. Caesar kicked at Vigenere's stomach as the former Guard spat at him, claws digging into Caesar's body, before eventually releasing. As soon as Caesar felt Vigenere release him, he fled, adrenaline still coursing through his body.

The guilt of murdering Athena didn't come on until Caesar was met with his parents trapped in their burning home. Caesar knew he shouldn't have looked back at his parents through the window but he couldn't force himself away, and he was met with the disappointed looks from both of their faces. The disappointment from his father and the hurt from his mother. It had pierced something in Caesar's heart and pushed him to save his siblings from the same face - transporting them out of the dimension. Of course, this action took a lot out of him, and traveling to Paradise Isle completely wiped his ability to Dimension Hop (and hell, all of his powers, actually). When Vigenere chased him off once again, Caesar fled to Dimension ThreeX - arriving on Paradile Isle. And promptly broke down.

Caesar found himself showing the first signs of Corruption - bleeding through the nose. Although this stage of Corruption wasn't painful, it was rather worrying that his nose was bleeding, dripping black liquid at a rather steady rate. At first, Caesar thought it was due to the power he used so much at one time, but there was a lingering feeling that made him realize otherwise - guilt. The look of his parents was clawing at him, making his throat tighten and tears form at his eyes. It was overwhelming and only made things worse; eventually, Caesar passed out and when he came back to consciousness, he was no longer bleeding from his nose. Nor was that feeling of guilt still there.

But oh, it returned at night. It caused Caesar to freak out internally, fearing his Corruption, which only made things worse. I have to distract myself. The savannah growled to himself, using a paw to wipe his nose from the drops of blood that was already starting to threaten to come through. Caesar went from his home, walking down the steps of the Capital in silence. The town was thankfully empty, as far as he could tell, with everyone sleeping or tending to whatever duties they had to at home. It meant he would be alone in his short travel. Caesar made his way outside of camp and into the vast desert, looking up at the sky. There was not a cloud in sight, with the moon full and glowing, and stars littering the sky. It was a pretty sight, but one Caesar had to tear his gaze away from. It reminded him too much of home. One he could not return to.

A quiet screech caught the Imperator's attention, before he felt tiny claws prick into his skin. It wasn't enough to cause him harm or bleed, but he could definitely feel something attaching itself to him. Caesar looked back as much as he could at his body, finding a small bat clinging to him, seemingly trying to hide from something. The savannah's ears pricked when he heard yet another screech, this one unmistakable in its owner - an owl. Caesar turned to face the bird as it dove towards him, claws outstretched, before he dodged out of its way. The owl landed and tumbled in the sand and Caesar didn't hesitate to leap onto it and pin it further onto the ground. Another screech left the owl before Caesar killed it with a swift bite to the neck, feeling the owl shortly go limp in his jaws.

Caesar let go, licking his lips before rolling his shoulders as an attempt to push the bat off of him. "Predator's gone, you can go now." He grunted, peering back at the small creature as much as he could. The bat simply stared at him, its large ears twitching, but it did not move. No, it seemed rather comfortable where it was right now.

//TL;DR - As an attempt to distract himself from feeling remorse for his actions, Caesar takes a stroll into the desert. A bat attaches itself to him to hide from an owl that was hunting it - Caesar killed the owl and is trying to get the bat to leave. But it seems that it wants to stay...

Caesar now has a pet bat :)
WORD COUNT - 1,050 words❧❦
The Macabre / Re: TRY TO CATCH UP, MOTHERFUCKER! / npc kidnapping
« Last post by CAESAR CIPHER. on October 18, 2021, 01:37:30 PM »
The Macabre was not a place for youngsters, but Caesar cared not for catering to their minds. Some of them didn't have a choice of being apart of the group, being born here, but some of them willingly joined. Granted, on the outside, Caesar tried to make it seem like this place was a paradise. But this group was certainly far from it.

From a leader who lashed out the moment someone didn't listen to him, to a dragoness who seemed to tolerate lower species; Chernabog certainly seemed to know her worth and was simply humoring those below her. It was amusing to watch from afar, but not being the recieving end of it. Ironic, considering Caesar did the same thing. But he was the Imperator; he demanded respect. Even without his full powers, his followers needed to respect him.

But oh, once he got them, then they would learn how much of a monster he truly was.

The murmurs in town wasn't hard to miss and eventually Caesar came up to the scene, hearing NPCs talk about Kold holding some sort of Show-and-Tell. A capture, how amusing. Maybe this time she won't let this one go. The savannah mused to himself but did not voice it out loud; Kold was still a youngster, after all. She would learn. But for now, Caesar wanted to see how she presented her trophies.❧❦
Welcoming Meadow / Re: Inactivity Notice
« Last post by Mysteriously Maple on October 16, 2021, 08:27:34 AM »
Bear with me here y'all! Likely going to be inactive until next Wednesday/Thursday due to work being busy
Komorebi Fair / OPEN Why did I speak up? // Patching up wounds
« Last post by BYRIATH on October 13, 2021, 12:11:06 AM »
Byriath hated quietness. Not only did it make him think, it made him bored, which often led to things that mortals wouldn't dare wish to come across him doing. But he shrugged as he walked to the shore of the lake, the chill air biting at his legs. From his jaws hung a pouch containing a roll of bandages for the wounds that would be less than optimal if left out in the open.

He settled by a large tree, providing him shade as he started to wrap the wounds on his hind legs up. The kitten did some damage, it seemed, and he was not willing to let an infection set in. He probably wouldn't get sick, but the sight of an infected wound was never good on anyone. He wondered if trying to train some of the Fair would be optimal, seeing as he got captured (granted he didn't really put up a fight due to curiosity). They could do with some extra training on that front.
Byriath - Member of The Komorebi Fair - ? Years old - Reference
(c) tikki
Biographies / Re: KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE PELICANS - Character Bio and Storage
« Last post by BYRIATH on October 12, 2021, 11:56:35 PM »
Byriath - Member of The Komorebi Fair - ? Years old - Reference
(c) tikki
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